11th House Astrology

11th house astrology

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11th house astrology


It rules over your friendships, aspirations, goals, your pride in life, and also some other organizations you participate in that are significant to you. From the eleventh house astrology, you can determine the people that you are drawn to and all the ideas you find intriguing, and normally, you'll find inside the sign where in life you search for pleasure.


To learn about the actions, we participate in as part of groups and also to understand the aims of the business, an individual can examine the planets at the house, together with the signal on its cusp. Our memberships at several clubs, such as political parties, fitness centers, art clubs, soccer fan clubs, and many others are ruled from the house. The majority of the results in the house are linked to some other people's lives, therefore it's not a private house, but instead the house of many others.


Inside this house, we put ourselves free of duties, comprehend our true needs, and also the energy of our thoughts. Folks, we establish connections with, accept our characters, that we are, both the good and the bad. Everything we've achieved to evolve and become better individuals will be rewarded at the eleventh house.


The eleventh of these astrology house's significance is closely associated with the tenth house significance because it's the direct continuation of the tenth house. Because of this, at the house, we could observe the instant results from our livelihood. From the tenth house, we're invited to focus more on our career route, while the eleventh house highlights the progress of our social life and standing.


Your fantasies, fantasies, and hopes are ruled from the eleventh of these houses in astrology. The existence of benefic planets at the house astrology together with positive social surroundings will make the ideal platform for one to be successful in your own dreams. At the event of the astrology houses, our capacity to have a favorable impression on individuals is big, and inside such a favorable environment, it's a lot easier to attain fantastic outcomes.


Based upon the planets at the house, it may be the case we end up using public characters as our pals. In cases like this, other regions of our life may benefit also. With links, we could get unique kinds of help from our friends, such as economical aid. In any case, from the astrology eleventh house, we could also observe how cash is clarified, such as massive amounts which we are able to obtain through earnings, winning a lottery, or at different manners connected to our livelihood. The eleventh house is about surrounding yourself with individuals, to have the ability to share the party of your career accomplishments with other people.




The positioning of the eleventh house in various astrology signs influences the attitude toward friendships and dreams. While people with the eleventh house in Aquarius are fast to make friends, but keep them mainly casual, individuals with the eleventh house at the indication of Cancer find it tough to acquire friendships, nevertheless stay friends with their nearest people for quite a while.


The Eleventh House at Aries

In case your house astrology is at Aries, buddies are particularly critical on your life. Such people are charming and social, and it's simple for them to turn into the middle of everybody's attention. They like having many friends and acquaintances and might be members of several social groups at precisely the exact same moment.


Such men and women want other people to enjoy and admit them and can at times flaunt, but always with great intentions.


The Eleventh House at Taurus

But, it's essential for these individuals to expand their own interests to go beyond cash. This may be accomplished by developing friendships with individuals from identical social circles whose interests are wide and varied.


Such people find it hard to make friends, and consequently, they've just a couple of people they could call true friends. But people with the house in Taurus stay near their buddies for quite a while in their own lives. They dream about getting safety in life, and it might take a long time until they realize their fantasies.


The Eleventh House at Gemini

Gemini is a social sign, and individuals using the eleventh of those houses in astrology inside are almost always quick to make friends. Their charismatic character makes people immediately drawn to them and they frequently come to be the middle of the focus of the opposite sex. Such people figure out how to stay childish in many conditions, and this specific caliber makes them a fantastic buddy to younger individuals.


Such people have a lot of friends, but the majority of the friendships made by Geminis don't appear to last and don't go past casual acquaintances. They dream about several matters and intend to reach them fast, occasionally jumping from 1 dream to another with no complete happiness with the outcome, yet overly tired of waiting for something to occur.


The Eleventh House at Cancer

Individuals with the eleventh house astrology at the hint of Cancer are timid by nature, therefore that they fight with making friends, though they appreciate a great deal the friendships they benefit from. They have a great intuition that's virtually never wrong in regards to their feelings about individuals. Such individuals have powerful feelings and feelings in relation to individuals near them and treat others with compassion.


Such people dream about getting safety, and during their lives that they work toward accomplishing this objective. They might also dream about assisting individuals that are needing and will select a livelihood in life-related to assisting others in case they're eleventh of their astrology houses is in this sign.


The Eleventh House at Leo

In case your house is at Leo, you may be overly focused on self-recognition. This is the indication that needs to be commended and recognized by other people, which frequently transfers in their friendships. Friends for individuals using all the cusp of the house in Leo function as an instrument to appear better in the opinion of others. They choose their friends carefully and just stick with those prepared to be commanded by them.


Such men and women are social. They could quickly grow to be a significant attraction on any occasion, and they take pleasure in the spotlight. Due to their need to be enjoyed by other people, these folks have a tendency to flaunt to attain that objective.


The Eleventh House at Virgo

They like helping individuals in need and provide their entire support to their family and friends. Though they generally create some close friendships they enjoy it this way and are extremely loyal to their buddies.


All these people are practical in regards to their dreams and intentions. From time to time, there's absolutely no fire or motivation behind their strategy to targets, just logic, and rationale.


The Eleventh House at Libra

In case your eleventh house astrology is at Libra, you'll discover your future spouse one of your closest buddies. They search for an ideal friendship, however, and might give up one bond with an individual in favor of the next one.

11th house astrology

If it comes to their dreams and intentions, these individuals aren't certain what they want to attain in their own lives. They want to help everyone about them and frequently play the role of a mediator in a struggle among their own friends. Handling their time to dedicate some of their focus to their pals and working toward their targets will assist these people to accomplish the equilibrium in their own lives.


The Eleventh House at Scorpio

Individuals with all the cusp of the house in Scorpio are self-motivated rather than displaced individuals. They are frequently introverted and want to remain alone rather than maintain a business of different men and women. Many times, these people today reject friendships since they cannot tolerate another person's defects. As a result of this, such folks find it hard to make friends.


If individuals with the eleventh of those astrology houses in Scorpio make bonds with other people, the thickness of these bonds is so intense it is hard to understand for somebody on the outside. Honesty is the caliber that these people value most in their friendships, and should they find a buddy with the very same values, their friendship will continue for life.


The Eleventh House at Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an attractive and social sign. They readily grasp the interest of the others in the room and immediately make them feel like in a circle of friends. Such men and women love learning, travel, and exchanging thoughts. They're open to criticism and revel in it if they have friends who will challenge their views.


But as soon as they begin the trip to their fantasy, they could achieve it readily, frequently with the support of additional like-minded men and women.


The Eleventh House at Capricorn

People whose cusp of the house is at Capricorn have developed a people and a personal character, and because their public character is that the perfected version of these, it's difficult for them to let others know about their actual personality. Such folks prefer speaking to other people one-on-one and steer clear of crowds of people.


As it's hard for them to make friendships, these folks generally get friends with those advocated by the people they trust, like a relative or an individual who has some type of authority. So as to be contented with their own lives, people using the eleventh of those astrology houses in Capricorn should get the balance between their personal and social lives.


The Eleventh House at Aquarius

Aquarius is a really social hint, and in case you've got the eleventh house astrology inside, you will definitely have a lot of friends at any given step of your life. Your group of friends is broad and varied, with rough and idealistic individuals, free spirits, and anyone who admires your open-minded character. Such people trust everybody they become buddies, even though these friendships are fast to occur.


Such folks desire self-expression. They develop through their link to some group of individuals and utilize private connections as a source of inspiration. First and innovative men and women will become their nearest buddies and co-workers.


The Eleventh House at Pisces

Such people find their power in friendships and love, and their buddies have been considerate about the Pisces' feelings and don't make the most of the sincerity.


These people have their visions and targets associated with helping other folks, which explains the reason why they frequently choose professions in education or medication. Such men and women will go to encourage many charitable organizations and try and help people in need in every manner possible.



The Eleventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Friends. Through our friends, we find strength in numbers — we see the power of the collective, the group. Groups addressed by this house include clubs, organizations, social groups, networking organizations and professional associations. The focus here is on the activities we undertake within these groups, how we make a difference and as a result, how we grow and actualize our true selves. Further, it’s the group, by virtue of its collective strength, which helps to define what we as individuals will do.


As we grow, we have more opportunities and possibilities available to us, and the Eleventh House addresses these. Our interactions and efforts are in keeping with our priorities in life; these interactions have the ability to enhance our lives. A labor of love? Yes, in many ways. Through our friends and group activities, we add substance and meaning to our lives and to society.


The Eleventh House also speaks to destiny — in simple terms, our hopes and dreams, what we desire and what we want to achieve. Our creative vision is highlighted, the simple act of working toward our maximal selves. The power of collective creation, as well as the creative sparks generated by the group, are also important to this house. By banding together, we can create so much more.


In joining with our friends, we not only accomplish a great deal, but we can also enjoy the fruits of our labor. The Eleventh House also addresses the kind of friend we are: what do we do for others? How do we view our friends? How do they view us? It is our basic character which, to a great extent, defines the friends and groups we choose.


Oftentimes, we work with our friends toward a greater good and in the hope of improving society. This is our philanthropic side coming to the fore, the ability to selflessly and eagerly help others. It is also our humanity manifesting itself most effectively. At times, we may upset the proverbial apple cart, but the sum total of our efforts should be to look at the end result. If that’s good, then the process of getting there, for better or for worse, is worthwhile. Lastly, the Eleventh House also governs stepchildren, foster children, and adopted children.

11th house astrology

The Eleventh House is ruled by Aquarius and the planets Saturn and Uranus.


This is the house of friendship and is the penultimate of the twelve houses in astrology. The planets and signs that reside in this succedent house on the birth chart influence the future of the individual, their hopes and expectations along the friendship relations they develop in time.


The natural sign ruler is Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac sign on the horoscope wheel, and the planetary ruler is Uranus, the planet of rebellion and freedom.


The eleventh house in a chart is analogous to the sign of Aquarius on a personal level. This is a house of friendship, but also this strange point in a horoscope in which we find ways to communicate with our inner personality and the outer Universe. It is the third house from the ninth house, the one ruling deities and religion, so the eleventh house basically represents the way God speaks to us. This is our perception of faith, beliefs, religion, and everything that gives purpose to our existence. It will push us towards humane activities and choices made for the wellbeing of entire mankind. Its Latin name benefactor translates to “friendship” and this is, without a doubt, its primary role.


This is a house of friends, hopes, and wishes. It is concerned with the future. In the third house, you have friends who are brothers or sisters or neighbors. In the seventh house, you have close friends and partners. In this house, the friends are the ones who relate to your public image. For instance, if at work you are Beryl the accountant, then your friends are your workmates. On a more grand scale, the leader of a political party would have the people in this house as their friends or supporters.


This house is also concerned with plans, ideals, groups, contacts, clubs, political parties, unions, social groups, humanitarian activities, and altruism.


Well-wishers, high hopes, and aspirations also belong here. It is generally materialistic and can indicate money earned from a career. Also stepchildren, fifth sibling, fourth child, third partner.


Traditionally, the 11th house is the house of friends, hopes and wishes, goals, and ideals. It is where we seek to join together with like-minded others. Here we meet those with whom we associate while cooperating towards a common goal or cause. It is the ideals that bind us when we create together as a group. “Whoever believes in astrology (personal growth, animal rights, Save the Redwoods, etc.) is a friend.” Those whose hopes and wishes for the world are like ours, even though we do not belong to a specific group, or even live in the same century, are our 11th house relationships.


Networks of people with similar concerns and interests are in this category: clubs, societies, fraternal organizations, and cultural institutions of all sorts. For many people, church activities fall in the 11th (social club) rather than the 9th (belief systems). Our Tuesday night ‘bridge bunch’ as well as the political party of our choice are places where we can function in creative collaboration with others.


As the second house from the 10th of career and profession, the 11th house represents the result of what we accomplished in the 10th. It is the income and wealth derived from the profession or social status. Very wealthy people often have important, benefic planets in this house. In keeping with the association of the 11th and the sign Aquarius, it is the house of philanthropy, of giving back our “boon” to the world.


The peer group and its activities occur here. It is a very important place for most teenagers. Correct standards for codes of dress, behavior, etc. are a concern, whether it be the teenager’s green hair and baggy shorts or the society matron’s opera gown and jewels. The 11th house peers will dictate what is “in” or “out,” and we need to know so we may conform to, or deviate from, the collective, peer group standards.


Our intimate relationships are associated with the 4th, 5th, and 8th houses. Eleventh house associates are friends with whom we have relationships that are cooler and more objective. With these people, there is sympathy, understanding, and good feeling -fellowship. With little or no emotional involvement, there is less ego and co-dependency. Our social circle is a network of unrelated individuals whom we encounter beyond the level of our inward struggles and the security and entanglement issues of family and marriage. It is often a blessed respite to spend time “hanging out” in the 11th house!


With the 5th house of love, romance, passion, and risk, there is a lot of egos. Our lover, or child, better be and behave the way we want! Our 11th house friends can be just the way they are and we can easily tolerate their opinions, quirks, and foibles. The 5th house is the “star” of the show, while the 11th house is the whole production company with all the individual artists and technicians contributing their creative talents to the group, thus making the artistic performance possible. That is synergy; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


The 11th house is where we experience belonging and being loved. The 5th house is where and how we give love. From the 11th, we see how we receive love, and the feeling of being loved by others. It shows the characteristic qualities of attitude and behavior that we tend to interpret or misinterpret as loving. If poorly aspected planets such as Mars or Saturn tenant the l11th, our ideas of loving behavior may be dysfunctional. Anger, cruelty, harshness, and rigidity may ‘feel’ like love.


The different signs on the 11th house cusp give a general indication about what an individual may consider “loving.” Self-assertive openness is loving to Aries; comfort and sensuality do it for Taurus; talking and listening is love for Gemini. A sentimental card, a box of chocolates, being introduced to his family lets Cancer know you care. Leo believes you love him if you are having a lot of fun together. Virgo feels loved when you help her clean her garage and take her car in for service. Being fair, being nice, and looking good does the trick for Libra; get intense and take a chance with Scorpio and he’ll think you are hot for him. Appreciate the wisdom of Sagittarius and let her teach you how to show your loving feelings. Be clear, punctual, and above all, show respect to make Capricorn feel cared for; Aquarius knows you love her when you give her space, freedom and delight her with surprise encounters. A little candlelight, music, and a really good bottle (or two) of wine will make Pisces feel cherished.


When we give others what they can receive, in ways they can accept, we make them feel loved by being demonstrative in accordance with their charts (their house cusps as well as their Moon signs).


There’s power in numbers! The friends and groups of people you flock toward are represented by your 11th house. This house is about the people who think as you do, who support you, and who will join forces with you. These are your allies. Your 11th house helps to define the nature of these relationships, so you can be sure you are aligning with people who can bring the most joy, inspiration, and progress to your life.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 125335.jpg

The 11th House is a succedent one, ruled by Aquarius and planet Uranus. It is co-ruled by Saturn, as before Uranus’ discovery Saturn was the sign’s ruler. It is commonly called “house of friends”, and it indeed rules friends, groups, and any type of organization where the native belongs. The house focuses on how we interact with organized patterns of people, and how we blend into collective structures. From our body, the eleventh house is ruling our shins. The house’s cusp and planets present inside can indicate the activities we engage in these groups, while also the organizations’ purposes and goals. The 11th house represents the clubs where we have memberships: everything from gym clubs, football fans associations, political parties, artistic unions, the church of a religion, or even secret occult sects. It is not a personal house, as most of the outcomes it brings in our lives are connected with other people.


They are catalysts of change in our reality, and can very powerfully influence us. The 11th house is also ruling the immediate results that come from our career, for which is responsible the 10th house. This is because any transiting planet (especially slow-moving) will enter the 11th house after transiting the 10th. A lot of our 11th house actions are linked to the continuum of the previous house; for changes in both houses, the same transiting planet is to be thanked (or blamed). Indeed, joining groups of people is frequently the way that we enjoy what we reap from the 10th house. After a period of concentrating on work, the natural successor is to widen up our social life and enhance our social status. The house can also show a lot of things about the financial situation of our employer.


Step-children and adopted children are also a matter of the 11th house, as also is the fourth born child of the native. Another quite positive area of life that it rules is humanitarian causes, donations, and volunteering through financial aid, as volunteering through work and effort is ruled by the 6th house. It is also showing the social area where you would like to assist the improvement of humanity. Hopes, dreams, and wishes also fall under the influence of the 11th house. This is where you dream big, the lifelong goals that you target.

Benefic planets as Jupiter and Venus will enhance a lot your long-term wishes; a strange connection appearing is that the more pleasant social surrounding you have, the more success you will have in your dreams. Indeed, the positive vibes that we receive from our social life can have a great effect on our strength and endurance while fighting to achieve these goals.

It shows our ability to be loved by masses of people; and what is love if not a constant current of positive energy, that can be afterward used for other reasons? Planets present in the eleventh house can make us have public figures as friends; this, in turn, can very frequently aid us in other areas of our lives.

There can be aid through connections, opening of gates, or even economic support from strong friends. In addition, the 11th house is also showing money in our chart, but in a different way than the 2nd house. Here you can find the BIG money, those that can appear through winning a lottery ticket, and incomes, in general, connected to our career.

The 2nd house is mostly indicating how we keep or how we spend them, rather than from where they come, as it is the ruler of material belongings.

A trine between planets in the 11th house and the 2nd house is a great aspect as you can probably figure out yourselves. Enhance your 11th house, simply by joining and enjoying the groups of people it offers, and you will be definitely rewarded. The most difficult in life is to proceed alone; you might even succeed, but you would not have the 11th house people around you to celebrate your success.


The eleventh house in astrology is governed by the zodiac sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus. It is co-ruled by the planet Saturn, as before Uranus’ revelation, Saturn was the sign’s traditional ruler. The eleventh house is normally called the house of companions, and it in fact rules friends, gatherings, and any sort of associations that the individual has a place in. The house centers around how we communicate with friendly individuals, and how we mix into larger social structures. When it comes to our body and its correspondences, the eleventh house is the ruler of our shins.


What It Means


The eleventh house is where we find our dreams. It’s where our imagination comes to life.


This is where we find our idea of an ideal, perfect life, one with no worries, one where everything is beautiful and easy. The trouble with ideas is that they aren’t real. But in the eleventh house, we strive to make them so. Without goals, life has no excitement, no joy to live for. We need to reach for a star, no matter how far off it might be.


And on a very real level, the eleventh house is where the dreams we have when we are sleeping come to us. This is where our instincts live, where our connection to the subconscious and subliminal parts of our hiding. This is where we connect to the universal consciousness described by the great psychologist, Carl Jung.


If we pay attention to our real dreams, we can get a glimpse of what’s going on in the deepest recesses of our minds. If we can do that, we can benefit from the wisdom that has gone before us, we can see the needs of humanity, and we can see how to bring beauty and love into being.

astrology 11th house

The eleventh house is also about the friends we meet along the way to attaining our goals. Here we find our teammates, our supporting cast. We need them and they need us. Together we can build a better mousetrap. Friendship is at the very core of love. Without friendship, there can be no real love. How can you love someone you don’t like and enjoy being with?


Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology


11th house in Vedic Astrology is considered an auspicious house, also called the Labha house. Labha means gains, and 11th house is a strong indicator of income and gains. It represents prosperity, sudden profits, wealth, abundance, and income. Your aspirations and desires and their fulfillment come under the 11th house only. The 11th house is the 5th of the 7th house which represents our desires, thus, it refers to the fulfillment or defiance of the desires, which is why it is called the house of gains.


What occupies this house governs what could be your sources of income, how you would mostly earn wealth. Not necessarily your profession, it explores other means also such as foreign sources, inheritance, speculation, and so on.


The eleventh house in astrology also represents your social sphere. People with who you are likely to realize your desires and who help you realize your dreams are governed by the 11th house. It is also called the house of friendships. Whether you make friends easily or take your time, whether you prefer seclusion or are a social butterfly, what kind of people do you make friendship with, whether these friendships turn out to be fruitful or not are a few questions that 11th house answers. 11th house in astrology also governs the groups and communities you participate in and the relationship you share with friends and siblings.


The eleventh house also rules your interest in social activities and matters. Your close acquaintances and well-wishers can be observed by this house. Whether you get financial assistance and gains from these associations is also determined by this house. 11th house also shows your relationship with your paternal uncle.


It is also known as the bad haha house, badha means obstruction. Some of our desires are auspicious in nature while the fulfillment of some can be destructive. It is particularly badhaka (obstructive) towards cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The placement and association of planets in the 11th house in the horoscope define whether you face obstacles in life or remove them. Positive placement indicates there would be lots of opportunities but some obstacles too, and you would be able to topple them. (ref... sagittarius 11th house, sagittarius in the 11th house, saturn 11th house, saturn in 11th house )


Since it relates to Labha or gains, it also plays a role in determining what brings you success and gains and whatnot. Whether your hopes and desires are realized or not also comes under the 11th house. Whether you get success in your endeavors related to higher education, business, litigation, job, or speculation also fall under the rule of the 11th house.


11th house relates to the 11th sign in the zodiac cycle, which is Aquarius. Sun is the natural significator of this house. Body parts that this house governs include ankles and calf. In Mundane Astrology, this house stands for legislation, friendly neighboring countries, and allies. (ref.. friends in astrology, (ref.. lilith in 11th house, scorpio in 11th house, taurus in 11th house, gemini in 11th house )

friendship horoscope 4 planets in 11th house, 5 planets in 11th house, friends astrology , gemini in the 11th house, horoscope for friendship, no planets in 11th house )


The Eleventh house encourages us to develop strong relationships with our community and establish a group consciousness, seeing it emerge as the house of friendships. The house influences our influence in clubs, groups, hobbies, and organizations.


The Eleventh House plays an integral role in defining our identity and sense of self in a group situation, ruling our social circle. It defines the way we change our behavior to get along with more than one person at a time and indicates the friends that we are attracted to and are attracted to us.


Planets in the Eleventh House are concerned with our connection with friends or groups, and the support needed to accept or value our actions. The house is most commonly associated with aspirations, ambitions, shared ideals, friendships, the future, seeing the larger picture, and the desire to make the world a better and more wholesome place.

11th house astrology



This is about ideal connections and the people we are attracted to. Through friendship we find strength, we find peace, and we network.


This house is about making a difference next to your peers and governs humanitarian efforts of all kinds. It relates to interactions and priorities in life and adds substance to one’s life through activities that help society.


Concepts of creativity in hopes and dreams also come to play, along with collective creation. Together, we are better and we have greater chances of success.


The surprising nature of life

ref(.. 12th house astrology, 11th house in virgo, 11th house in scorpio, 11th house astrology stellium, 11th house astrology taurus, 11th house in Aquarius, what is my 11th house,

11th house in sagittarius )

This house is where all surprises and sudden changes in life are governed. There are good and bad periods in life and this house is all about planning accordingly.


On the other hand, this is also the main domain of surprises, inventions, and all that pertains to the future. It speaks about an individual’s sense of inner purpose but also the group sense.


The eleventh house governs aspects of destiny and personal achievement and how one can be generous and selfless towards their peers.


The 11th House Rules Groups


The house and the planets that are located within can demonstrate the behavior we have when we participate in these gatherings, as well as the motivations and objectives behind one’s relationships. The eleventh house speaks to all the groups that we belong to, everything from gym memberships, football affiliations, political gatherings, creative associations, the congregation of a church or other spiritual organizations. It’s anything but an individual house, as a large portion of the effects it creates in our lives are associated with other people.


The 11th House Rules the Fruits of Your Labor


The eleventh house is also in charge of the outcomes of your career and your vocation, aspects which are described in the tenth house of the natal chart. Because these two houses are neighbors, any transiting planets that travel within the 11th house can tell you how your work goals affect your social life. After a long day of focusing on work, the natural next step to wind down and relax is to enjoy one’s social life and enjoy the economic benefits of the job.


The eleventh house can likewise demonstrate a lot of things about the financial circumstance of one’s firm.


The 11th House Rules Adopted and Step-Children


When it comes to the 11th house, step-children and adopted children are additionally referred to here, and if there is a fourth child, the fourth child of the individual is connected to the 11th house as well.


The 11th House Rules Philanthropy


Another very positive everyday issue that the 11th house rules are humanitarian work, charity, and philanthropy. To clarify, volunteering through hard work and effort is ruled by the sixth house, but when it comes to financial donations, the 11th house is where to look. The 11th house can also demonstrate the area in a society where you might want to help create change.


The 11th House Rules Ambitions and Wishes

(ref... astrology 11th house, 11 house, friendship astrology )

One’s expectations, dreams, and wishes are also affected by the eleventh house. This is the house that pushes you to think beyond the practical and into the deep-rooted desires that you crave. Benefic planets such as Jupiter and Venus will push your wishes closer and closer towards reality. One of the more peculiar things we learn in life is that when you learn to be charming in your social life, achievement and success will come to you more easily. To be sure, our social lives can greatly affect our determination and perseverance as we try to accomplish our goals.


The 11th House astrology Rules The Friendships We Have


Our social lives demonstrate our capacity to be loved by many individuals; and what is love if not a steady current of positive energy, that can be later utilized for different reasons? Planets that are placed in the eleventh house can indicate that we will have powerful figures as companions; and thus, they can often help us in different aspects of our lives. They can give us help in the form of introductions, opening doorways, or even monetary help.


The 11th House Rules Earned Wealth


What’s more, the eleventh house is where you would want to look in order to find indications of strong finances. But don’t confuse this with the second house; here is where you can locate an enormous amount of money – the kind that can show up through winning a lottery ticket, and the kind of wealth that is associated with our vocation. The second house is for the most part related to how we keep or how we spend money, as opposed to from where they come from, as it is the leader of material things. A trine between planets in the eleventh house and the second house is an extraordinary influence, as you can most likely guess.


So go ahead, enjoy what your eleventh house brings you; join and the gatherings that it offers you, and you will certainly be remunerated. Life is not meant to be lived alone; even if you succeed going the solitary path, you may not have eleventh house individuals around you to commend your actions.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 113645.jpg

Ruling Planet Uranus

Planet Uranus

Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Store Zodiac Sign Icon Aquarius

Areas of Life (no fortune )


Apart from ruling friendships in our lives, this is the house of our personal liberation. It is a place where we set free from obligations, make turns, recognize our wishes, and realize how great our minds are. This is a house that represents all non-profit organizations, different groups, clubs, and societies, as well as higher associations and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. This house is here to support us and blow wind in our sails, as a place where we find people who approve of our personality without judgment. (ref.. 12th house, zodiac signs )


The nature of this house is strangely linked to matters of the third house, and it will present speeding, older siblings, and everyone in our lives we will talk to in a spontaneous, liberated manner. It is a place where our work gives benefits, the house of our pension and the money we put aside after we’re done with all regular responsibilities. It is the house that rewards all of our career efforts and everything that was done with a goal to truly evolve and become a better person. This is a place of all wishes and desires, and a house we all have to visit often enough to understand the collective a little better.