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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Regardless of the term"aqua" in its own title, Aquarius is in fact the previous air signal of the zodiac. Aquarius is represented with the water bearer, the mysterious healer that bestows water, or existence, upon the property.   These radical pioneers fervently support"power to the people," aspiring to alter the planet through revolutionary social advancement.  Each Aquarian is a rebel in mind: These air signals despise authority and whatever represents conventionality.  Free-spirited and bizarre, they may frequently be recognized with their own offbeat fashion sensibilities, odd hobbies, and nonconformist attitude.


Uranus flawlessly mirrors Aquarius's identifying mindset, complementing the nontraditional nature of those visionary atmosphere signals.  Aquarians are large thinkers, but should not overlook their immediate environment.  These water bearers may get so concentrated on executing widespread reform they neglect their loved one's members and friends, gaining a reputation for being aloof and remote in associations.  Aquarians need to keep in mind that advancement always begins on a micro level and also urges compassion and empathy wherever possible.


Much like Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, another fixed signs of the zodiac, Aquarius may have a small stubborn streak.  This can be known as an Achilles' heel.  (In actuality, in medical astrology Aquarius modulates the ankles.)  Aquarian obstinacy stems from powerful, righteous certainty and it is quelled the moment an Aquarius gets the opportunity to enact change.  Since these water bearers are so profoundly inspired by the spirit of egalitarianism, they like teamwork and engaging in communities of like-minded people.


But, Aquarians also require lots of time and space in there to reflect, shape ideas, and plan their own part within the revolution.  Finally, freedom is of extreme importance for Aquarians, who see challenges to their liberty as power-hungry efforts to restrain them.  

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Aquarius horoscope week

Venus and Martian transit are affecting the seventh house for relationships. This is not a good time to be in business or personal relationships. Venus is the planet of diplomacy and Mars is the planet of aggression so you will experience some confusion in your relationships. Listen to your partners, and be diplomatic. Expectations are high for new contracts and deals. It is also an opportunity to start a new job or long-term travels. However, there may be some obstacles. You should think twice about the new assignments.

Due to the annual solar transit, there will be a lot of attention on your work, coworkers, health, debts and responsibilities, as well as pets. The Sun doesn’t like being here, which means there will be many challenges for your work.

Many of these projects are short and require a lot more analysis and time. Some of the projects will be competitive and can prove to be extremely challenging. You may be able to have important discussions with colleagues during this week. It is important to be clear about your points. This phase is a good time to have a discussion with your colleagues.

Mercury is now in direct mode, which will have an impact on your creativity. This week is a great time to get involved in creative projects. This week will offer many opportunities to meet people like you. You can do it through entertainment or social gatherings. It is possible to start your own business. You will have many opportunities to showcase your talents. This is an excellent time to showcase your skills for job seekers. You can be very busy working with children. You will also find your love life very communicative. However, you should avoid all controversies.


Aquarius horoscope This Month

Your month beforehand, Work, this month, Aquarius. You are wishful, optimistic for the time being. But escape, meditate, strategy when you feel like it or if there is sufficient time. Do not drive government agencies or head office: squander your time. And months of sexual urges wind now, on the fantastic side, this makes you more receptive to genuine love that's on its way, in case you are single, throughout the month beforehand. The weeks ahead contain traveling, learning, and potentially legal or ethical conflicts. Prevent these battles; they feature possible reduction, no benefit. Money caution have to be resolved as the month ends.