pisces and virgo
	pisces virgo

Pisces Cancer

The gist of this predicament is that your partner believes, as you're feeling. You are probably drawn for their wisdom and common sense, while they found that your romantic and affectionate character both appealing.

That is a very functional, down to earth and efficient partner, continuously analyzing, improving and optimizing functionality and monitoring progress. Meanwhile you just aren't concerned about these types of temporary day to day products, preferring to focus on the bigger issues, meanings and skills of life.

You may well think your Virgo is a workaholic, and also often wish they would seem from the road to obtain the scenery. You take them to the way that they're nevertheless, and try to supply them space to do their thing when providing emotional support as only a Pisces can.

When matters are great you'll feel you have met your soulmate. Not least you may frustrate each other a lot!

You may discover your partner is exceptionally meticulous, organized and orderly. Not necessarily , but nearly surely emotionally. You probably wish they would open to you frequently, and probably feel the times they need to follow their center are the times they always follow their ideas.

Virgo may be obsessed with searching perfection, in addition to a important step towards this can be really self critical, and often equally critical of others. It's quite possible that you get a great deal of reminders about operational tasks and habits they think you want to focus on, and sometimes the delivery may be rather hurtful.

There won't be a whole lot of ugly conflicts but there may be a fantastic deal of gradually increasing frustration.

Your partner is quite likely to balance their check book regularly, and won't leave a reconciliation until everything is best. You probably feel this is somewhat obsessive, and so are familiar with your fiscal situation, knowing these things work out independently.

It's extremely likely you would do or give anything to this particular partner.

	scorpio and pisces
pisces and scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio

This is one of the ideal games which could cause others jealous (we will not tell anybody else about this page!)

Scorpio are not frequently portrayed as leaders, but the fact is they are more than capable of carrying the lead should they decide to. In the instance of your relationship you are very likely to frequently appreciate your spouses amazing inner power - they could handle anything life throws at them especially when they have a caring spouse like you together with them.

Scorpio is a exceptionally dedicated and protective spouse, what you require. Do not be surprised however if your spouse will do anything to prevent other people benefiting from you.

You are undoubtedly the more elastic partner in this relationship. Your Scorpios stubbornness is a part of how powerful their personality is, therefore even in the event that you don't necessarily enjoy this aspect of this, remember it is a essential part of the bundle which general has numerous advantages that you'll undoubtedly come to appreciate and respect.

This is a really extreme spouse, that can sometimes be even somewhat ambiguous. You are among those few individuals with the instinct and patience to make them open up when annoyed or hurt. Utilize that present nicely, and this spouse will soon recognize you deserve their confidence and will more than repay it.

You can either be possessive, and are more than capable of knowing possessiveness and gaining safety from it, instead of taking offence.

You can be exceptionally romantic, appreciate privacy, and do not have a problem placing every other ahead of others. It is probable you'll possibly be pretty spiritual men and women.

In case you've got mutual friends they might finally comment on this nevertheless.

	pisces cancer
pisces and cancer friendship

Pisces Cancer

This is a very intuitive, caring and affectionate match. You're both deeply romantic and sentimental, and intuitively understand each other, providing the sensitivity, tenderness, compassion and stability you both need. Truly the stuff of romance novels.

Your Cancer lover is a very emotional and moody person, and needs someone who can read them and react accordingly. You're a master of empathy, and will always be there for them, making an ideal partner.

A key thing to know about your partner is that while they react sensitively to things, just as you do, they can take substantially longer before being affected. Often days can pass before your Cancer reacts. Don't assume they're upset or happy because of the 'here and now'.

Financially, your Cancer likes to plan for the future and build some security, while you're unlikely to be overly interested in such endeavors. It's still a very valuable trait to bring to the team. Unlike many differences of opinion in this area however, this one is unlikely to cause any arguments.

On the negative side there can be such a deep and emotional connection in this match that spiritually you can isolate yourselves from the real world. It's hard to really call that a bad thing though - the world can wait! Also, you can both be pessimistic at times, and may sometimes have difficulty cheering each other up, instead of empathizing and consoling.

You both enjoy the home, seek loyalty and commitment, and often preferring staying in over going out to socialize. You both sometimes need alone time to recharge. As in all other areas you mesh very well here.

	pisces leo
	leo man pisces woman

Leo Pisces

What makes this relationship fairly unique, is that the outcome is far more dependant on your Leo's treatment of it than on yours (usually it's nearly always 50/50).

One of things you'll probably admire about your Leo is their strength of character, self confidence and desire to always organize and be in charge. Along these lines your Leo is almost guaranteed to want control over most aspects of the relationship, and in many ways that suits you just fine, as you can then concentrate on the bigger picture of life.

The danger is that your Leo will come to ignore your thoughts or feelings. This isn't a partner who will back down from a fight easily, or who is easily persuaded (and certainly not if it involves criticism). You'll soon learn that avoiding arguments is a high priority, and this leads to the danger of this being a very one sided relationship. This may or may not work for you.

Moving on to more general areas of a Pisces Leo relationship: you both can be highly romantic, and your partner's desire for the dramatic can compliment your idealistic approach to life very well. You both enjoy being in love, and both can be highly creative.

You tend towards being introverted, while your Leo is most definitely extroverted. You'll need space and time to recharge in order to keep up with your partners need for social activities. Given that recharge time however, you'll probably enjoy this aspect of the relationship.

You'll likely see this partner as occasionally pushy, arrogant and domineering. Meanwhile they may feel you're too sensitive, humble, sentimental or emotional. Neither approach is right or wrong, you just have very different agendas and views of life. You can learn a lot from each other in this respect.

Money may be an issue in this relationship. Your partner is likely to have expensive tastes and you're likely to not care about money enough to want to change this. There wont be much conflict, but there also may not be much saving going on.

	pisces and gemini

Pisces and Gemini

The most important trouble with this relationship is your Gemini is a very dynamic individual, frequently changing their thoughts from minute to minute, both about what they need and how they need it. Meanwhile, you are highly sensitive and emotional in contrast, which is very likely to bruise you , leaving you feeling dizzy, confused and insecure.

Compounding this, your Gemini is quite analytical and intellectual, whereas you are more intuitive and emotional. Communication therefore will not be very simple or natural.

You are both very flexible, and it is overall a fantastic thing. The drawback however is that you can be indecisive, and therefore there is a higher prospect of going around in circles on a lot of problems, annoying both you, and perhaps even resulting in long term trust problems.

Your Gemini will probably be a nearly hyperactive partner with your criteria, leading an extremely action packed and busy life. Keeping up with this particular social butterfly might well wear out you. As you will be tolerant and patient initially, this jointly with the aforementioned different differences is quite likely to exhaust you in the long run.

	pisces taurus
taurus and pisces

Pisces and Taurus

Pisces Taurus is a fantastic game so much time as you're able to enjoy each others strengths rather than try and alter each other. Your Taurus is much more inclined to try out that than you're so frequently the achievement of this relationship hinges in their own flexibility.

That really is a strong willed and authoritative spouse, which lots of Pisces love - when they decide that they need some thing it can be quite tough to discourage them!

You each know the other nicely, and also have strengths in places that the other lacks. You are exceptionally sensitive, psychological and self sacrificing, although your spouse is down to earth and practical. There's a high probability that over time that your Taurus will begin to feel that you are not functional or accountable enough. Would you like a down to earth and sensible spouse enough to need to compromise with this?

You are both passionate, intimate and affectionate, and both very loyal - devotion and confidence in a spouse is central to the two of you. You tend to be rather quite and reserved, and frequently very sentimental.

You will likely be attracted to their excellent strength of personality and passive immunity to change. All these are excellent traits should you appreciate stability in a spouse, along with your subtle strategy to disagreements frequently brings out their side (do not be misled, these are a few hard cookies should they will need to be!)

The positive aspects of this are your Taurus will offer relaxation and floor you, while making you feel both secure in your relationship. This is a really trustworthy and affectionate partner. On the negative side you'll find them insensitive occasionally, and frequently domineering (although many Pisces actually prefer it that way).

Your Taurus is very likely to be quite materialistic, as you are not. As in the other locations, with compromise you're able to offer some beneficial balance to one another, or it may be a source of conflict if not treated with caution.

	aries and pisces
	pisces aries compatibility

Aries and Pisces

There's no shortage of initial attraction or chemistry here. You may well both be drawn to the other, and this is a match which may initially appeal to you, especially while your passionate Aries is determined to win you.

Strong, domineering, impatient, blunt, aggressive, passionate, insensitive (by your standards), your Aries will mean well, but emotionally they're as strong as an elephant, and have a bad habit of trampling anything which gets in their way.

No matter how hard your Aries tries this will probably include trampling your feelings occasionally.

Worse however, your Aries is very dynamic and spontaneous, always looking for adventure, change and challenge.

Once the initial thrill of the chase wears off it's very likely they will become bored with your romantic, sensitive and selfless nature, and pay less attention to holding their fiery nature in check. If this happens, this can easily start to feel like a one sided relationship with an emotional bully.

The main thing to realize in this relationship from your standpoint is that it will require a lot of compromise. This is natural and easy for you to accept - not at all a problem. However, your partner isn't nearly as adept at compromising - it doesn't come naturally or easily for them, so in many respects this relationship is "out of your control" and its success comes down to how much your Aries is willing to bend.

To a large degree then the success of this relationship will depend on just how "Aries" your Aries is! (see my man and woman pages for details). In many respects their style is the complete opposite of yours, and without solid communication and a willingness to compromise this can be a very hard relationship from your side.

pisces aquarius
	pisces and aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces Aquarius is occasionally a terrible game. It can be difficult for all you to get exactly what you would like, much less everything you want from this venture.

As with all of low scoring games, it can surely do the job nicely if you are both prepared to undermine in crucial places, in this case however you're a lot more likely to be fine with that compared to your Aquarius is, therefore matters are mostly outside of your controller.

There are a number of exceptions that could make this game more workable from the side. By way of instance, if you judge yourself to be especially effective in life, this game can operate, as the topics of self esteem and confidence will not be quite as essential for you as they would otherwise.

Likewise if your Aquarian is very sensitive, or has undergone some kind of injury they frequently enjoy your empathetic and nurturing fashion a lot more than they otherwise could. In the absence of those strange situations however, this relationship is very likely to face a few challenges in the long run.

You will likely find your Aquarian interesting. Their quick mind, articulate character, continuous stream of suggestions and pursuits - complete your spouse is very likely to attack you as some sort of undiscovered genius. Additionally, it is possible to share a few interests, possibly in an creative or metaphysical direction.

As things progress nevertheless your Aquarian will begin to seem somewhat inaccessible - off and potentially uncaring. You are a really adaptable person, and will begin to do everything you can to accommodate them. Wherever there's give and take in this game it will mostly be you doing the lending. Obviously, you won't need much problem with this in the brief term.

You might have trouble coping with your Aquarius regular distractions, and believe that frequently they are not placing you first. If Aquarians are on a roster they could also'forget' about matters such as eating!)

Likewise they may appear a bit overly target or unpleasant in their ruling, lacking in empathy or empathy. To explain this, you can be quite affectionate people, but your strategies are extremely different.

In general, there is a possibility that this spouse will look too cold and analytic for you on a one to one degree, and be a good deal more stubborn than it first seems.

	aquarius capricorn cusp
aquarius capricorn cusp

Aquarius and Capricorn

Initially you might be attracted to your Capricorns booked outside - this is very likely to be an intimate and fascinating companion to explore after you glance the enjoyable character hiding under that trendy outside.

They normally lack your outgoing and friendly character with strangers and therefore, first impressions can be misleading.

Over time it is likely you'll come to obtain this spouse to be quite disciplined and ordered, and perhaps even indirectly controlling or smothering - that will not sit well with your individual character.

Your Capricorn is very likely to flourish on aims, targets and rules, having an abysmal psychological discipline to follow them, no matter what. As you have a wholesome respect for management you are much less hung upon individual rules and strategies used to arrive. In case you've got a strategy, you tweak and alter it based on results and feedback, and revel in the freedom to do so. This partner does not.

Your Capricorn is also very likely to adopt rules as a cornerstone of stability and leadership in the life and relationships, frequently holding fast to your strategy or dedication like a safety blanket.

This is a spouse who frequently likes to know that you're going to be doing 8 hours of overtime for another 7 weeks to be able to have a holiday in 54 days time. This kind of dogged premeditation and attention can at times be a significant turn off for an Aquarian, in case you are the kind who enjoys a small chaos sometimes to keep things interesting.

Overall your psychological flexibility can cause you to seem inconsistent and unconventional, in comparison to the is highly predictable and'secure' spouse.

This also contributes to another part of potential conflict: This is a quite difficult working, down to earth and sensible partner, who general you are very likely to discover a bit materialistic, severe and sometimes even dull.

Another quirk of the relationship is that Aquarians generally look to the present or future and are interested in the outer edge, while Capricorn is far more inclined to be interested before and heritage. Do not be surprised if a spouse has a storage container filled with"treasures" dating back to their early youth, or historical furniture once possessed by remote ancestors - they may be the supreme packrats and frequently hate throwing away anything!

You can be quite stubborn however in various locations, occasionally which makes reconciliation difficult.

You take work and career badly, though for various reasons - your Capricorn is mainly building future safety and standing. This can obviously be an extremely valuable quality in a long-term partner.

The last challenge in an Aquarius Capricorn relationship is that there is a fantastic chance that you will every be centered on aspects of life beyond one another. To some degree you every tend to dismiss a relationship in the lack of a'destitute' spouse who motivates you to concentrate on it. This one is easily fixed but by devoting intimate time together frequently.

	aquarius with libra
	aquarius libra

Aquarius with Libra

An odd quirk and danger within this relationship from the side, is your Libra is very likely to be somewhat sensitive to societal expectations and rules - that they wish to match, and want to become popular. Matters that you most likely don't give much consideration to. Worse, sometimes you simply don't care for these rituals or consent from other people, so be cautious your rebellious streak does not frighten your Libra, particularly if their livelihood is dependant on routine social events or impressing clients etc..

This is ordinarily a mild and enjoyable game. You own a good deal of items in common and there's a natural psychological connection here. You will love the intimate and harmonious manner this spouse makes you feel.

You are both fun loving, honest, goal and excellent communicators. The two of you are extremely outgoing, enjoyable and carefree.

Marriage is frequently an essential aspect of a Libras life, whereas you are generally more reluctant and careful to give up your liberty. It is very likely your spouse will be prepared long before you are comfortable with the thought.

aquarius and sagittarius
	sagittarius and aquarius

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Aquarius Sagittarius is a good team. Your forwards thinking combined with your spouses excitement makes a very good match! You've got a massive number of items in common, fantastic chemistry, and also a fantastic prospect of becoming soulmates!

Aquarius Sagittarius is just one of these rare games That Have so much in common the article out of your standpoint Is Quite similar to that of your spouse:

To begin with the (couple ) differences you've got. .

There'll be hardly any jealousy in this game, which will promote your Sagittarius to have a roving eye, so be skeptical of'no jealousy' being too loosely translated unless you are alright with this. A fantastic relationship to put some casual ground rules so everybody is on precisely the exact same page. You are more tenacious while your Sagittarius is much more elastic, so it is better if you commence this thought.

Your spouse is more inclined to be worried about schooling, in spite of the fact that you are more inclined to prefer a hands on strategy to life. They're also more philosophical, and occasionally harder.

You are a much more of an intellectual individual, though your Sagittarius is more bodily, but that will not stop you with amazing debates and talks (or gender!)

You compliment each other really well, both being positive, optimistic, forward thinking and innovative.

There is a fantastic prospect of the remaining as a casual relationship for quite a while.

You're very curious and inquisitive about life, and enjoy a fantastic discussion, and therefore are very likely to share many interests, normally about topics that benefit society in broad ways, like politics, technology or current affairs.

You are both fair and objective, and much want a smart, articulate and logical partner - that you've got in every other.

None of you are extremely psychological and are notoriously frank and blunt. This is only one of those few partners you will rarely offend.

You love experience, like interacting and enjoy active lifestyles more relaxed. None of you are extremely worried about public image or societal expectations.

Very minor in comparison with each of the positives

	virgo and aquarius
	aquarius and virgo

Aquarius and Virgo

You might come across this spouse somewhat bleak occasionally, and possibly overly preoccupied with regular and heritage, frequently doing things for no greater reason than simply because'that's how I have always done it'. Likewise they might find you highly chaotic and cluttered, and might not appreciate that is often quite willful. You can keep each other really active in this regard!

You will like this spouses'directly to the stage' strategy to life, while they will appreciate your present for comprehension (and producing ) exciting thoughts. Despite the fact that you want to keep your head clear of information, this really is a spouse with a frequently encyclopedic memory.

You are both very intellectual and superior communicators, and you will always have something to express and disagreement about. The psychological side of the relationship is very likely to be superb.

Your psychological styles are extremely different, however both very potent and you'll probably come to respect each others strengths in this region. You like concepts and thoughts, though your spouse is exceptionally detail , frequently with an excellent memory. This may make a fantastic venture of your creativity coupled with your spouses practicality.

Money likely will not be a problem here. This is a spouse who can be rather frugal, always preferring to collect long-term security instead spend on temporary delights. Ask nicely and they will be pleased to do yours also!

This is a somewhat flexible partner, who's frequently comfortable with you taking the direct and getting your way. In this respect they are an almost ideal companion for you about a day to day functional degree, moping up all of the details that you prefer to not clutter your thoughts with.

Neither of you wish to rush into a commitment, and in this regard you are on precisely the exact same page, equally comfortable with providing the relationship time to grow first. You are slightly detached intellectually, though your Virgo will be dispersed emotionally.

	aquarius and scorpio
scorpio woman and aquarius man

Aquarius and Scorpio

There is frequently a high degree of physical appeal in this game, and it could surely make for a fantastic short-term relationship or one night stand. You can be somewhat rebellious and reckless once the urge takes you, and in a number of ways you are very likely to bring out this in every other.

In the longer term this relationship tends to come down to a struggle of intellectual investigation (yours) versus psychological needs (your spouses ). Communication is very likely to be a critical issue.

Bearing this, you can be extremely stubborn, and it is very likely that any struggles will drag on for a rather long period, with neither of you sense the necessity to compromise or back down. Though your fast and smart mind is very likely to possess your Scorpio'outgunned' at the brief term, be aware they have a significant benefit in the long run, and fights will likely become a war of attrition, which you are destined to lose!

Your Scorpio is a spouse who's very possessive and controlling by your own criteria, neither of that you are always going to appreciate. Likewise this is a spouse who will be quite obsessive and frequently jealous, and generally their psychological depth may confuse or even frighten you.

You enjoy freedom and endurance while your spouse enjoys routines. You want to learn and evaluate details, while this spouse likes to follow their instinct and soul. Overall you have a reasonable quantity of work to perform to fulfill at the center on those problems.

If you don't mind a small battle this can result in a thrilling and challenging relationship, it likely will not ever be tagged as'compatible' however. Like low scoring games it can definitely do the job, provided that you want it and are ready to take some opportunity to comprehend and respect your partner's wants and viewpoint.

	cancer aquarius
cancer woman aquarius man

Aquarius and Cancer

You like a fair amount of freedom and versatility in a relationship, while this spouse puts quite a bit of emphasis on security and constant affection to keep the bond strong. There is a fantastic chance that you may feel trapped or locked in at times while they begin to feel insecure. You like to have the intellectual equivalent of disagreements and unravel the mysteries of the earth together, while this spouse is much more interested in psychological compassion and romantic evenings at home. Your Cancer is now a spouse who needs a great deal of superior care, and this is something that many Aquarians struggle to deliver in the long run. Basically, you don't work well with emotionally destitute partners, which is really a game that is much easier if you are more sensitive and cautious (if you have a water sign moon, for example, that will make things much easier). Your Cancer is now a stay-at-home spouse and can be quite housebound, often preferring spe

	leo aquarius compatibility
	aquarius and leo

Leo Aquarius Compatibility

You enjoy taking a look at the big picture that your Leo might prefer to speak about themselves frequently. This is a spouse who enjoys a whole lot of focus, and might possess a rather large ego. Their dominant character may cause you to feel claustrophobic sometimes within this relationship.

Be warned that your analytic and at times critical thoughts will often not produce the'right' response a Leo is trying to find! Your acceptance and admiration is appreciated exceptionally tremendously by this spouse. . .)

Call it , but you are ideally positioned to continue to keep your Leo articles inside this field with minimal guilt or work. Attempt to filter and prevent any paragraphs that start with"you ought to. ." And you're going to discover your life is immediately much simpler!

An odd and exciting game, you truly don't have much in common, no matter how the physical attraction between you're very likely to be exceptionally powerful, and overall things won't ever become dull.

You can be incredibly stubborn, and also struggles are destined to endure for a rather long time. Neither you hold a grudge, but If You're convinced you are right neither of you may have a difficulty revisiting past problems until a definite winner is created (which may be... never)

Communication is very likely to be a issue here. Your Leo will state blue and you're going to notice reddish. In many respects that is merely the tip of this iceberg. You are essentially from various planets. You are a thinker while your spouse is a doer, you are ruled by your mind, though your spouse is ruled with their heart.

In case you have difficulty not thinking about work problems this is a spouse who will likely assist. Meanwhile they will be attracted to your rebellious soul, uniqueness and intriguing intellect.

On the side of an Aquarius Leo relationship, you might discover this spouse to become somewhat self focused and striking, while they might find you cold or aloof. It is probable you might not wish to create a devotion anytime soon, and this might bring your Leo's side.

Meanwhile Leos could be somewhat smug and self focused, frequently looking back on others. This may frighten you, as normally you do not have a lot of patience for virtually any sort of social status.

aquarius female gemini male
	gemini woman aquarius man

Gemini and Aquarius

This is a superb game, and almost always worth pursuing in the event that you have the chance. Even if things do not workout, you're likely going to be very close buddies for life.

In most respects your Gemini is ideal for youpersonally, and likely from the first dialog you'll observe a powerful fascination. You can be turned on with a fantastic discussion with a worthy competitor and neither of you requires a massive psychological element to find somebody attractive, so things could grow quite quickly within this relationship.

You are both very smart and great at communicating, resulting in an infinite supply of educational and fascinating conversations. You prefer a goal debate over a psychological one, and you like a quick-fire dialogue style, frequently switching between issues and back rapidly.

You are both creative fans, who like variety and will each retain the other in their feet . You are both quite independent and enjoy a space in a relationship, valuing a partner that easily gives it. You are also both social and love having many contacts and friends.

On the flip side, neither of you're especially fond of chores daily to day trivial tasks.

aquarius woman taurus man
	aquarius woman taurus man

Aquarius Taurus

Your Taurus is very likely to be a really conservative, conventional, predictable and down to ground associate - dependable, strong and just plain comfy!

Taurus's are extremely likeable, with lots of endearing quirks which frequently defy rational analysis. As an example they could often become quite attached to patterns, performing vague tasks with diligence only because"I have always done this" and frequently refusing to think about the choice of altering. They are a sentimental guardian of yesteryear, in spite of the fact that you're a top tech explorer of their future.

You are equally unconventional in your ways and capable of becoming really uncooperative. While not independently a issue, in game with somebody with such a radically different view of life that this may cause some difficulties.

In many respects you are contrary for this spouse. You enjoy a high degree of liberty, both in love and thought, while this spouse loves heritage, patterns and frequently has a fantastic demand for a very committed relationship.

It is probably your Taurus will desire (or need ) a firm commitment in the earlier than you'll feel comfortable giving it.

However much you like your Taurus you might find it hard to make them stable in this regard - that they simply don't discuss your idea of liberty within a long-term relationship.

In the extreme, you will sometimes find your Taurus dull, unimaginative and predictable in these regions, while they discover that you too unconventional, rebellious and independent. As in most things, compromise, respect and understanding are essential.

	aquarius and aries friendship
aries and aquarius

Aquarius Aries

You value freedom, which works well when you can crush another. Also, you are both positive and somewhat rebellious. Your Aries will enjoy your free spirit, and you will love their spontaneity and carefree nature. It is possible that you have a very similar sense of comedy; neither of you worries about being politically correct when a circumstance is amusing! Your Aries likes to be mainly in charge and you probably won't have a problem with that, however you may prefer to pick your battles rather than be a pushover. They respect someone who stands up to them, at least occasionally.