Sample Report

Chakras the eastern astrology

Welcome to 'Life Chakras,' a view of the chakras or great centers of life-activity from an astrological perspective, as they relate to your particular birth chart.

It is important to understand that although the chakras are often pictured as multicolored
force centers along the spinal column within the body, they are in actuality vast areas of life outside our physical self in which we live and move. For example, although the Jupiter Chakra within the body is sometimes shown as an orange colored light in the lower spine, it in fact refers to our entire life path, our career, and how we find our way through the thicket of Saturn - all the nature laws and rules of the world.

Each chakra is a whole world we get lost in for various lengths of time (or lifetimes), so keep that in mind. More in-depth details about each of the seven chakras and the other planetary force centers are given later in this report