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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Since the last hint, Pisces has consumed each lesson -- both the joys and the pains, the hopes, and the fears -- discovered from each the other indications.  This leaves these fish that the very psychic, empathetic, and compassionate monsters of the astrological wheel.  With such immense significance, Pisces can quickly become consumed by emotions and has to remember to remain grounded in the material realm (suitably, Pisces rules the feet).


Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the celestial body which governs imagination and fantasies, and those manicured fish love researching their boundless imaginations.  In its nefarious form, nevertheless, Neptune also manages illusion and escapism.  Neptune energy is similar to the power of the sea: enchanting, mysterious, and frequently frightening.  After the fog is thick on the ground, the horizon is blocked and there's absolutely no distinction between the ocean and the skies.


People who have this sun sign have to be skeptical of mirages: All these impressionable fish favor wearing rose-colored eyeglasses to fixing problems, which may make Pisces a reputation for being delusional.  This water hint should recall that issues can not be solved by swimming off.  Willful ignorance never gets the battle to vanish: It merely gives it the opportunity to grow.


A mutable sign, Pisces seamlessly adjusts to his or her environment.  These visionary fish possess unmatched access to the collective unconscious by using their clairvoyance and also make amazing musicians and creatives.  Kind and tender, they are invigorated by common experiences of songs and love.  Any connection with mysterious Pisces is certain to involve profound religious exploration.

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Pisces weekly horoscope

Martian transit is currently moving through Leo, which will have an impact on the sixth house and the six houses of colleagues and work. Venus is also moving through Gemini, which will provide a calm aspect.

Pisces Horoscope Today - Monday, June 28,

You need to be careful about your work and the safety of your colleagues. The workplace will have a lot to do and be competitive. Avoid all complexities at work.

There are also chances of digestive problems in the lower abdomen. You can have good health by eating organic foods.

The annual solar transit moves through Cancer, which can cause some complications in creative projects. There are many creative projects that can arise and may require more information. This is the time to bring new life into your teamwork. It will not be easy.

You may be able to get new projects or you might even find new members of your team. Your children and grandchildren may have special needs so you need to be mindful. You are going through a difficult time in your love life. Don't make big decisions.

Mercury had been in a slow-down mode over the past few weeks, but it is now direct. It is still in slow-down mode so there may be challenges. However, things will improve this week. There are two options: plan for renovation or a real estate deal. These discussions will also move forward. It will also be possible to create a collaborative environment at home. It may be necessary to find more ways to spend time at home. It is possible to buy new items for your family and home. Family members may have concerns about your life and theirs.


Pisces Monthly horoscope

Your month beforehand, A romantic, creative, blessed, speculative trend lasts for you this month also, Pisces. You feel and see beauty anywhere. You might fall in love however chances are better a year from today. With this month, relationships have flamed with strength, bad or good; a financial or sexual marriage may have improved, but if so it has been a fiery one. Now this intensity changes to a deeper, more personal side for the upcoming few weeks. In this time period, investments, financing, and the real production of a venture happens. Sexual pregnancy and production on the cards at the home-front.