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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

This ground signal is a perfectionist at heart and is not scared to enhance skills through meticulous and consistent exercise.  Virgo rules the digestive tract, making these ground signals especially conducive to the components which constitute a complete -- in meals and at everything else.  They are hyper-aware of each detail.


Virgo is regulated by Mercury, the messenger's world of communication.  Although Mercury also rules Gemini, both of these indications are radically different: Gemini is all about expression and output, whereas Virgo is about processing and input.  A Virgo copes with advice such as a computer, changing even the very jumbled set of info to coordinated, clear theories.  Even though Virgos long to become meticulous in most pursuits, they need to remember that always following the perfect can be harmful when applied to others or self.  Beauty is present inside our imperfections and it is very important to Virgos to understand that defects aren't defects.


Above all, Virgos wish to help.  They're kind, tender, and inviting friends and fans using their unbelievable wisdom and resourcefulness to problem-solve.  Virgo's other sign, Pisces, provides advice through spirituality, but Virgos want to help on a reasonable level.  These ground signs are constantly striving to give workable solutions and enhance systems that are broken.  

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Venus, the planet, will enter Leo. This will have an impact on your emotional needs. This phase is not ideal as Venus is in conjunction to Mars. There can be some turmoil. This phase will require you to look after your physical and emotional health. You don't want to be too involved in extensive networking. Control your fears and emotions. It would be much easier to control your thoughts and emotions. If you don't, you will find unnecessary burdens that are mostly self-made. This is a great time to pray and spend alone.

Your friendships and long-term projects will be affected by the annual solar transit. You will need to look after your ego as the Sun is currently in Cancer's water sign. You can expect arguments to arise in relationships because the Sun doesn't like being here. Listen to your team members, otherwise they might not be happy to be around you. You may be joined by new people or you may lose some of your old colleagues. This is also an opportunity to collaborate with foreign partners on projects that are related to technology. This is a great time for seniors.

Mercury has become direct, and this will have an impact on your career. You need to have close contact with your managers and juniors. You must behave professionally at work as this is a time for appraisals. Your work will be closely monitored by your managers. This week, you can expect to be assigned additional projects. Mercury is still in the slow-down mode so be cautious about where you work. Many of these projects are short and complex. This week is also a good time to travel for work and have discussions.


Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Important changes and developments in the livelihood aspect are observed from the May monthly horoscope for Virgo. Mercury and Venus go in the industry for livelihood and this paves the way for one to learn and understand new things and develop new skills that will assist your professional life tremendously. You might be teaching and sharing your knowledge with other people, or perhaps spend the support of the others to build on what you understand. Lots of new paths will open on your life, which also receives a boost because after this month that the Sun moves to the house in which it locates directional power. This will let you excel on the job, glow and gain decent recognition among your coworkers. The New Moon in May occurs on the 11th of this month and activates that your business of traveling and spirituality. You will embark on a concrete trip, or perhaps find new instructions emotionally and walk down a new route to pursue your own spirituality. There may be significant changes in the world of learning and instruction as well where you will learn and out of others and enhance your spiritual understanding.

These can be private relationships or even professional ones, and each of the connections and bonds which are of importance are under attention due to Jupiter. This transit will end up being quite fruitful for your own bonds, and you might even receive a brand new business partner or enhance your equation together with your coworkers. There may be a few new folks coming to your life, and also the chances of union can also be lots. The lunar eclipse at the 4th house will bring about a few changes in the household or in your property. You might move to some other location or create substantial modifications on your house.